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Welcome to AP Investment

Enrich the mind and lifestyle of everyone

Welcome to A.P INVESTMENT Co.,Ltd   A.P INVESTMENT Co., Ltd is a project in the ASEAN countries centered on Cambodia It is an entity that conducts investment and consulting. ASEAN countries centered on Cambodia have shown high economic growth over the past 10 years and are gaining attention from all over the world as "an open growth center" in the world in the future

However, on the other hand, it is also true that there are many people who have widened economic disparity and are not provided with satisfactory education and work. We would like to provide added value of "service enriching mind and lifestyle" not only with financial and material assistance, but by the service we provide.

Ultimately, not only ASEAN but also the poor in the world, 『 Enrich mind and lifestyle of all people 』

Because of our vision, I promise to work hard from various zeros and keep on moving on a daily basis.
Featured country 、CAMBODIA